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  Zhenjiang Atlantic Construction Ltd.
Zhenjiang Atlantic Construction Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as ACL) was founded on 24th of July, 2012 with a registered capital of 70 million Yuan and the main business for ACL is to undertake module building erection projects and other building construction projects and ACL is holding Level 2 Building Main Contractor Qualification.
ACL is in possession of a professional module construction and management team, including 200 professional technical persons, among which 37.5% of whom are above Junior College Degree.
ACL is currently undertaking the Social Housing Project in Gangnan Road, Zhenjiang New Area. Located in the East of Zhenjiang New Area with Gangnan Road in the south, Fengqi Road in the east and Yandunshan Road in the west, this project consists of 18 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, the building height is 56.50 meters and there are a total of 10 blocks of buildings. The total building area is 134,500 m2, seismic fortification intensity is 7.5 degrees and the designed working life is 70 years. Fire-resistance rating of the project is Level 2. Up till now we have completed roof-sealing works for two buildings.

        ADD: No.46 Angang Road, Dagang, Zhenjiang
        ZIP: 212132
        TEL: +86-511-81989495
        FAX: +86-511-81989443
  Boca Hi-Tech Precision Ltd.
Boca Hi-Tech Precision Ltd is a private enterprise located in No 66, Qinkun Road, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, P. R. China with a registered capital of 2.3 million US Dollars. Boca specializes in the R & D, design and manufacturing of green and environmental protection industrialized houses. Boca modular building system is the most advanced, most thoroughly industrialized and standardized modular building technology in the world.
Company Vision and Strategy: Promote housing industrialization progress in China, pursue green and environmental protection concept and create a more harmonious living space. Utilize state-of-the-art technology in the world to build the best houses for our people!

BOCA Product Introduction:
● 2-D steel structure core components
odular building system is the most advanced, most thoroughly industrialized and standardized modular building technology in the world. It divides a building into several volumetric space modules which are suitable for the transportation. As the shape of a building varies, therefore the module shape is changeable. The modules consist of a series of 2-D components and such components mainly include ground beams, external walls, internal walls and ceilings.
Boca-Hi-Tech Precision Ltd is responsible for providing 2-D steel structure core components for modular building system. Boca adopts stringent quality control systems according to standardized production procedures and under the guidance of professional technicians, skilled workers will complete the 2-D steel structure core components production in the assembly line in the factory. 2-D steel structure core components mainly include: Ground beams, external walls, internal walls and trusses.
● Industrialized production assembly line equipment for modular building system
Through advanced industrialized production assembly line and stringent production and quality control system in the factory, the 2-D components of modular building system are fabricated and volumetric modules are assembled utilizing these 2-D components.
Boca Hi-Tech Precision Ltd specially developed, designed and produced supporting equipment to meet the needs for the industrialized production assembly line of modular building system.

        ADD: No.66 Qinkun Road, Yushang Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu
        ZIP: 215300
        TEL: +86-512-36807020
        FAX: +86-512-36807022
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